What happens when you stop taking birth control Pills- 10 Surprising Facts!

What happens when you stop taking birth control Pills: Have you ever felt nausea or tender breasts while on your birth pills? And now that you are not on these, you might be feeling a little different. Don’t worry! It’s normal. We’ve got you covered on this article.

If it makes you feel good then let me tell you when you take these pills, there is a type of hormone that will be the root cause of all these sensations you feel. While I agree that everyone is different, there should be something that hits you wrong, isn’t it? Be it a vaginal ring, pills, hormonal IUDs or a patch, it will change how you feel.

And now that we have established the change is pretty normal, let’s see what are some of the common symptoms you might notice.

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Is it okay to just stop taking birth control?

  1. You could get pregnant:

While some get excited about it, there are always a group of women who fret over this. As normal as it sounds, remember you might be pregnant before you even knew. It’s a common misconception that after you stop taking pills, it takes a very long time for you to get pregnant. Sorry to burst your bumble! In both cases, research says that it takes a woman the same amount of time to conceive with or without barriers like condoms.

Would you be surprised if I say that 96 percent of the women who previously were on pills get pregnant within the same year. And according to a study in six months, around 50% of the women were said to be with children. Shocked, aren’t you? But what if I told you injections like Depo- Provera will keep it at bay for about a year long.

  1. Your cycle may get wacky:

I can already sense you guys arguing about how your periods were like clockwork prior to the use of pills. Give it a few months for them to become regular.

  1. Your periods could be heavier:

I can totally understand when you curl on the sofa with cramps troubling you. And after you stop taking pills, you will likely experience bleeding and pains.

  1. PMS may come back, too.

Were you at some point depressed, lonely, or anxious? I completely understand. The present world with virtual meetings being the normal might take a toll on you. But hey! We are here for you. And the best part is you are already a part of our community. So, if you fail to balance those then there are high chances of you finding yourself moody again.

  1. You may have mid-month twinges:

Ever wondered how all these birth control stuff works? Alright, I get it. It is not rocket science. They just avoid you ovulating. When this ovulation happens, you will find yourself in a position where you have to go through those mild cramps. While the ovary releases an egg, that affects one of the sides on the pelvis. Some vaginal discharge is also a resultant of this.

  1. Your weight may go down:

It is very likely for you to gain some pounds if you have taken hormonal IUDs, injections or pills. These are also called progestin-only type. If you are now planning to lose some weight, then it is advisable for you to follow some diet and do some regular exercise. But that doesn’t mean you have to get off those pills you are using.

  1.  Return of unwanted hair :

Before we dive deep into this, I must tell you this is normal. So, don’t fret over this. You can observe your skin broken and also find some hair at usually unwanted places. This is because the pill that you use corrects hormonal imbalance. And once you get off this pill, you will find yourself in this mess of an issue. Well, all because your hormones get off-kilter. Yes, you are hearing it right!

  1. You might feel friskier

Now, you must be wondering what this frisky feeling I am referring to is. This does not always happen. Only at times some women experience this. This is mainly because the pill drives the libido down. Not all pills cause this kind of symptom. Only pills which are of low dose are responsible for this. A study tells us that about 15% of the women may feel more in mood after the birth control is stopped by them.

  1. Headaches may vanish

Woah! Who wouldn’t want this, right? Headache is the worst possible thing and the last thing a woman needs in this buzzing world full of issues. Sometimes, some women get headaches while they are on the pill. But when they quit it, they are as happy as they were before. Especially with that headache being off the  radar.

  1. Protection from Cancers

When you use this pill, there are many side effects. This is one thing that goes without saying. And one of the best outcomes of using birth pills is the lowering of ovarian endometrial cancer. But hearing the word cancer is a bit shocking for you I guess. I mean, when you use this pill for a long time, there is a low risk of your ovaries getting this type of cancer. But now that you want to stop, this might hinder your decision.

No worries. Because when you use these birth pills for a long time then you reap the benefits of it even after you stop using these birth pills.

This holds true for various other types of cancers. For instance, let us take a look at breast cancer which is so common among women nowadays.  And not only this but also for fibroids and  fibro cystic breast disease.

By this point, we have seen what to expect when you come off a pill. Now let us see what are the benefits of coming off the pill.

Benefits of getting off birth control pills- What happens when you stop taking birth control Pills

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  • Your sex drive will increase after quitting to use birth control pills-

This is the biggest reason to stop taking the pill. Again, this is about some percentage of women. It may not hold true for other women. Dr. Van Dis tells, ” So once you’ve stopped taking it, you might find yourself more interested in having sex.”

  • Going off this pill might boost your mood:

When you are on birth control pills, it is very usual to find yourself in a heap of emotion. You get mood swings frequently while you are on it. But do you tackle this? It is very simple. You just have to get off these pills whatever you are using because you have seen in this article what to expect when you come off the pill, right?

How long after stopping birth control does your body return to normal?

Mostly, it takes around a week to drive the medication off your body. This is usually around 3 to 7 days max to max. This doesn’t mean your period will kick start after these few days. You can return to normal conditions after just a few days, I agree.

But this is however in regards to most percentage of women. The maximum time that your body can take to return to normal is 3 months. This regardless will be before your menstrual cycle begins. The hormonal levels also get adjusted.

How to stop taking birth control pills safely?

Often women keep wondering about this question. The only right way the doctors all across the world suggest you to get off whenever you wish to. It does not matter if you are in the middle of the pack or whatever. You can also finish the one you are using and stop the usage of the next pack.

At what age should you stop taking birth control pills?


The age is not quite clear. But it is said that women can usually put a stop to the use of contraception when they are near the age of 55. But why do you think so? Generally, women stop conceiving at that age. And it is very hard to see any pregnancies after this age. But as per many doctor recommendations, you are advised to shift to “a progestogen-only” pill. And this means you need to stop the usage of combined pills when you enter your 50s.

What happens if you stop taking birth control pills after a week?

The main side effect of this is you may find your menstrual cycle starting after a long time. So it is your call to either stop at mid back or completely finish the pack. This is always at the cost of cramps. As much as you would hate it, it is very likely for your periods to return normally after many days.


If you still are a bit apprehensive about quitting these birth pills, then here are a few tips for you. As you know everything has an alternative as do these birth control pills. You can use condoms, copper IUD, Sponge or cervical cap in its place. This is much safer without side effects.

Now you know What happens when you stop taking birth control Pills!

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