How to set limits? 5 Effective Exercises you should perform!


In the event that you have difficulty to know how to set limits within personal or work, it is likely that you will wind up disregarding your own requirements as a result.

In order to maintain your mental and emotional well-being, it is critical that you establish clear boundaries. If this proves difficult for you, you can utilise assertive communication strategies and emotional intelligence to help you be more explicit about what you really want.

Human beings are, by their by nature, social organisms. Since collaboration and community life were essential to the formation of the human intellect, it has a natural tendency to defend itself and accept the requests of others as a survival instinct, accompanied by fears of rejection, pain, or being evaluated by others around it. The mind, on the other hand, has the ability to unlearn and modify its beliefs at any time.

Today, you will learn a series of exercises that will assist you in your query of how to set limits!

Steps to take in order to learn how to set limits and boundaries

Is this scenario familiar to you? You are in a meeting with your friends but you have a work commitment that begins very early in the morning; when it is time to return home your friends insist that you stay because there is so much pressure that you agree but deep down you feel restless and you are unable to relax knowing that tomorrow this important commitment awaits you; does this scenario sound familiar to you?

Try the exercises below to get started on establishing clear boundaries in your life:

1. Recognize and accept your limitations

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In order to establish clear limitations, it is essential that you become aware of what the limits of your life are before setting them. This will assist you in knowing where you want to go and, consequently, communicating your genuine desires to those around you. How did you find out?

The instrument that you have at your disposal is your emotions, which can alert you when something does not make you feel good or when a limit has been crossed. If you experience frustration, despair, or rage, notice how it makes you feel at the time. What are your thoughts, and what would make you feel better if you had them? 

For you to know how to set limits and set boundaries, you must first identify what it is that you accept in your life and what you do not; make sure that your answers are sincere; and give yourself some time to establish how important it is for you that these boundaries are respected; this will make it easier for you to set boundaries. They will be established in the future. Make use of your writing to figure out what you truly desire.

2. Come to terms with and love yourself

When you desire to receive the attention of those around you, you may be compelled to engage in behaviours that you do not wish to engage in. It is impossible to receive affection from everyone all of the time because there are so many different personalities, temperaments, and points of view; therefore, it is critical that you begin to sow love and acceptance from within.

Always remember that every time you set a boundary, it comes from your own validation, whether it is based on your point of view or your feelings. This does not imply that it is “easy,” especially in a society that teaches us that approval comes from outside, but you can always transform this vision by taking time to observe and accept everything that arises from within. Love yourself because you are your most important ally.

3. Recognize and respect the limitations of others

It is critical that you are honest with yourself and that you recognise and respect the boundaries of others. In the event that a friend, co-worker, family member, or partner sets their own boundaries, how should you respond? Do you feel like you’ve been rejected? Do you acknowledge and respect that person’s limitations? Although this question is not meant to make you feel guilty, it is meant to make you aware of whether or not your actions are aligned with your desires.

If you are consistent with this element, it will be simpler for people to respect your boundaries; otherwise, you will continue to reinforce this mindset through your actions. When someone sets a limit, all you have to do is respect it. Some of the reasons for setting the limit may be obvious to you, while others may be obscure to you; the important thing is that the person is telling you something that is important to them; value their opinion and help them feel safe in setting their own limits.

4. Establish boundaries with yourself as well

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The process of recognising your own limitations, understanding what you are feeling, and loving yourself allows you to respect your wishes while also carrying out your verbal commitments to others. Do you have a better understanding of why everything starts from the inside?

If your goals are clear, it will be easier for you to adhere to your own agreements because you will understand where they came from and how important they are to you. It will become a truly complete desire, rather than blaming yourself for failing to achieve your goals a thousand times, it will be about understanding your motivations and hugging yourself continuously to get you to where you want to be.

5. Recognize that learning to create boundaries is a process that takes time

The mind, like any habit or attitude in life, need time to unlearn and adapt to new ways of doing things. Do not be disheartened if you find yourself unable to clearly define your boundaries one day; everything necessitates a process and a period of adjustment. The first stage is to become aware of the issue, to understand what has transpired.

What are your thoughts and feelings, and what do you actually want? Give this process time and endurance; developing a new habit takes time and effort, but every time you practice it, you become more of that version of yourself; do not be discouraged! Make sure to go through this process with an understanding and acceptance of who you are. Identify the occasions in which you should learn to create boundaries.

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