How to be More Creative- 7 Easy and Efficient Steps!


Do you believe that you are incapable of being more creative? Everything appears to be invented nowadays, and when we consider something new, applications or individuals who have already produced it immediately come to mind. However, how is it possible to create something that does not exist yet? How can we generate new ideas?

Many people are required to produce innovative ideas as part of their jobs or in order to innovate, but they encounter a mental barrier that prevents them from doing so. Oftentimes, this obstruction is caused by a lack of concentration, and we need to engage in activities that foster creativity. We can identify some noteworthy measures that will aid us in this endeavour.

7 Ways to be more creative

1. Copying is not negative

Copying is not a negative act, but a repeating one. All great geniuses began their theories with established ones that were then refined and developed, resulting in a wholly new and revolutionary concept. Imitating others is not a bad thing; quite the contrary! It will assist you in determining your genuine intentions when reading or imitating people who have previously made something on the subject of your interest.

2. Collaborate

Collaborating with individuals who are more brilliant than you not only humble you by recognising this fact, but also enriches you. Hearing about their efforts and expressing your thoughts with them will provide very helpful feedback. You will broaden your horizons and encounter life-changing situations!

3. Creativity need not necessarily start from the mind

Because creativity does not begin in the mind alone, you must engage in other complementary activities that assist and excite you, such as walking, watching films relating to the subject you are studying, creating colour schemes on huge blackboards to organise the concepts, etc. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike from infused science; the possibilities are numerous and accessible to anybody.

4. Avoid wasting time on projects that already exist

Avoid wasting time on what has already been built or established and instead focus on unmet needs. The computer can be a helpful ally in locating extremely valuable information, but it can also be a constraint. Remove yourself from your normal office or comfort zone and seek out locations that elicit fresh sensations in you and allow your mind to wander to new and worthwhile ideas.

5. Don’t go with the trend always

Fashions are beneficial to the worlds of fashion and decoration, but there is nothing written about thought trends. Make no judgments based on what others are wearing or what is being discussed at the moment. Make suggestions for topics that interest you and conduct research on them.

6. Follow a routine

It is true that routine and, in some ways, monotonous duties such as ironing free up space in our brains to allow for more creative endeavours. However, we are not required to occupy our time with monotonous duties. On a daily basis, we propose performing modest tasks that allow for the growth of creativity, such as writing or sketching.

7. Simplify your ideas

The secret to success is to simplify our ideas to make them more understandable, allowing us to devote 100% of our attention to the subject of study.

How to be more creative with divergent thinking?

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Another easy method to obtain the long-desired creativity in our daily duties is to set aside prejudices and let the mind to run wild with innovative ideas, even if this means defending ridiculous or impossible notions. In other words, it entails making decisions that the majority of people would not make. Divergent thinking (which has become common recently as a result of the popular film Divergent) must be promoted in order to move closer to this way of understanding life.

Because decisions influenced by creative thinking are not predetermined, the most logical, innovative, and creative ideas emerge almost unconsciously, shattering preconceptions and going beyond what is socially acceptable. And, while lateral thinking is more closely connected with the arts and leisure, it is each individual’s responsibility to practise it and apply it to their own specific terrain in order to make significant gains.

Concentration improvement is one of the advantages of achieving better creativity. Our minds must be completely focused on what we desire, and we cannot allow any distractions to divert our attention to minor issues.

Exercises that increase creativity

There are several exercises that are quite simple to practise that assist us in increasing our concentration and hence facilitate the flow of ideas. The first step is to get adequate sleep, as this will allow for the essential cerebral and cognitive recovery for a decent level of lucidity.

Second, and as bizarre as it may seem, several studies demonstrate that chewing gum improves concentration by temporarily reminding us of facts. Additionally, to strengthening our visual and aural memories. Therefore, whenever in doubt, chew gum!

Third, we must increase our use of paper and pencil, as these items enable us to scribble down thoughts that occur to us unexpectedly and that we would forget if we had to wait for the computer to switch on. Additionally, when we write by hand, our brain works considerably harder to concentrate, which improves the quality of our ideas.

Of course, avoiding distractions and stress is critical to concentrating well and for a longer period of time. It is extremely recommended that we learn to meditate in order to eliminate these two concerns from our lives. However, how do we begin our meditation practise?

Creativity and meditation are inextricably linked!

The first thing we need to do is dress comfortably, ideally in roomy clothes, and remove any jewellery such as watches or earrings. Following that, we must seek out a calm space devoid of regular disruptions, which could be a room or a natural setting such as the beach or the mountains.

After securing the preceding elements, it is vital to sit properly. On the floor, with your back straight, your arms and shoulders relaxed, and taking deep breaths, is the optimal posture. To gain optimal focus, you must first think about an object while keeping your eyes closed. Music can aid in meditating as it helps in concentrating better.

Accept the concepts that occur throughout the meditation in order to continue. It is beneficial to gradually include meditation into our routines, as it will assist us in maintaining a stronger concentration on our goals. Creativity and meditation go hand in hand. These activities will assist us in attracting creative thoughts into our lives!


In conclusion, exercising our minds enables us to improve certain abilities, such as concentration. However, it also works on other strategies that encourage us to live a better lifestyle, including good nutrition and physical activity.

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