Work-Life Balance: 20 Real Life Problems and Proven Solutions

Those who are working professionals, better know the bitter truth of work-life balance. Men generally shift towards work, however women find it difficult to make a balance. Women generally kick the job if work starts spoiling their personal life.

It is very necessary for working professionals to know the complexity of the balance between work and life. An unbalanced state causes to ruin the life forever. Life is very precious, it must be lived happily by setting the priorities.

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Before proceeding, read below the story of a person about his life in his words. This will help you to know what exactly is needed in life to make it meaningful.

‘I remember, when I was in my early 20s and was studying in engineering college. I was very happy that time. I had too many friends in and outside the college. Life was very chill. Along with Study, I had smile on my face and had cheering moments almost every day. On weekends, I used to watch movies, had parties and dine outside in the town with friends.

I used to visit my parent’s house on vacations. That time I utilised the opportunity to see all my relatives, grandpa’s house, school friends. Apart from vacations, I frequently visited my hometown and enjoyed each and every occasion of marriage of my kins and relatives. All were knowing me very closely.

It was the best phase in my life. Happiness was all around me. I had no worry about money as all the expenses were borne by my parents.

Now Time came, when I passed out from the college and got a Job distant apart my home town. Salary was very handsome at the beginning of my career. But Soon, I started missing my hometown, my parents, my friends, my kins, my siblings.

When passed one year in the job, I felt that I was spending almost 50 percent of my salary on phone calls & video calls that were made to keep me happy and connected with my family and friends.

Later on, I got promoted and my salary was doubled. This posed additional responsibilities on me at work and my time was bought by the company. I was hardly left with 1-2 hours in late evening to connect with my family and friends due to extreme workload.

It is almost 5 years from then and I rarely call or meet my parents, friends and relatives. Though, I have huge money in my pocket, yet I can’t buy my old time when I was well connected with my family and friends and I was extremely happy.’

The story tells us that work is important for the life but extreme work can ruin the life. Life is not made to work relentlessly but to enjoy with work-life balance at every stage.

Problems associated with no Work-Life Balance

When there is no work-life balance, mental state of a person is disturbed and she / he behaves erratically. Following are the known problems that arise in the absence of work-life balance:

  1. Reduced concentration on workplace and family affairs
  2. Reduced productivity at work
  3. Increased anxiety level
  4. Poorer mental and physical health
  5. Low peace of mind
  6. Living in isolation
  7. Increased Stress level
  8. Addiction to smoking & consumption of alcohol
  9. Increased cases of extra-marital affairs
  10. Increased cases of Divorce
  11. Less life satisfaction
  12. Likelihood to lose identity among friends and relatives
  13. Reduction in affinity level in family relations
  14. High fatigue level at the beginning of the career
  15. Reduced interest over sex for married couples
  16. Increased conflicts at home and workplace
  17. Early medical requirement due to over engagement on work
  18. Most likely chances for kids and children to ruin their life if not guided and monitored time to time
  19. High attrition rate at workplace
  20. Less Job satisfaction

Solutions for a better Work-Life Balance

Here are some solutions to keep balance between work and life:

  1. Leave office / workplace on Time
  2. Make at least two calls daily on lunch break. One to your spouse / parents and other to your friends
  3. Start scheduling your jobs each day
  4. Prioritize your time at work
  5. Do not try to complete all the tasks in one day, rather keep some of them for next day
  6. Maintain harmonious relations at work
  7. Do not be a part of race for early risers in the organisation
  8. Be consistent and dutiful. Average promotions are better if other half of your life is balanced.
  9. Give time to your spouse every day
  10. Do not discuss office affairs at home
  11. While reaching home after work, start listening your spouse and kids how they passed the day
  12. Go on regular walk every day with your spouse and kids
  13. Go on family trips with office mates and their families
  14. Go on for vacations regularly to meet your relatives and old friends
  15. Always go on long vacations at least once in a year with your family
Work-Life Balance
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It is clear that the only solution is ‘Time Management’. Each aspect of life needs sufficient time to nurture and flourish. If you think calmly, an adult has only two segments of time in life i.e. being lived each day. One part is at Work and second is at Home- Sweet Home.

Hence, do not over stretch yourself over work. Be responsible and play your role at work in fruitful manner. Work is not so important as life, but Work is what that shape our life. It can’t be ignored straitway. Give equal weightage to work. Respect both and always make yourselves tuned for work-life balance. So folks, live life happily because it will never come again!

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