What You want, It Matters!

ocean climber scaled

Life is full of mysteries. No one knows what will happen next moment. Still, people live to dream. Dream for best life, dream for best opportunities, dream to get succeed. Here question is, what is life, what you want, why you want, and what is a success?

I can definitely say, success is what you think, what you imagine and then achieve.

Your imagination decides your destiny.

Destiny is death, have you decided it? Really Not!!!! But you should! It is a message to you, whatever you think, imagine, death is certain, then plan your life accordingly.

When you were in the womb of your mom, in the 9th month have you decided to come out and take birth? Today you can say, yes I had decided. But the reality is Yes. Yes!!! you had decided at the age of 9 months that you have to take birth whatever is the situation.

Your decision to take birth is not ordinary. You managed your mom, of course, nature, that I am able to live on earth led you to take birth.

You know, your decision to take birth, compelled your mom to give birth to you. How Amazing you are !!!!!!!

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