Depression: Meaning, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

When we lose Interest from our daily or routine activities and feel down and sad persistently, we are trapped by Depression. Depression shows displeasure and mood swing and you start disliking everything without any subtle cause.

Depression: Meaning, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment
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Depression Meaning

Depression makes you feel alone, disinterested, displeasure with worldly things and activities. A person who is depressed, lost interest to do any activity and keeps herself/himself engaged in the same posture or same state of mind for a long duration of time.

‘Depression is basically freezing of mind or mood disorder which is caused after encountering associated life events that were totally unexpected by the person’. A depressed person feels sadness all the time and loses interest in life.

Depression Symptoms

Depression symptoms are the signs to know the mental state of an aggrieved person. Symptoms may vary from person to person, their duration and causes but mood disorder is common among them. Some common symptoms are mentioned below:

  1. Abnormal and Unusual Mood Swing
  2. No desire to speak or communicate
  3. Less or No physical movement
  4. An acute desire for too much or no sleep
  5. Feeling tired and drained with energy
  6. Lower concentration
  7. Excessive thinking about life events
  8. Lower or no interest in pleasure
  9. Desire to smoke and drink
  10. No interest in making decisions
  11. Affinity with negative thoughts
  12. Scrolling down WhatsApp messages without any text to anyone
  13. Listening sad or high pitch songs
  14. Sudden reaction with agitation upon poking by someone
  15. Driving on long and less crowded highways

Causes of Depression

Generally speaking, causes of depression are not very well known by medical professionals. Apart from a few medical causes, causes revolve around the psychological and mental condition of a person. It may differ from male to female and among various relationships that are directly linked with emotions. Break-in emotions are the general cause of depression. Other reasons are mentioned below:


  1. On losing the job
  2. Due to break-up in a relationship
  3. Due to failure in business, academics, etc.
  4. Due to losing loving ones
  5. On not achieving the desired result even by hard work
  6. On comparing success, lifestyle and wealth with other people
  7. Due to Overthinking and over imagination
  8. Due to shifting from parental home to other location
  9. Due to prolonged illness
  10. Due to a series of failures in the life
  11. Due to addiction to social media
  12. Due to possessiveness nature of a person
  13. Due to over-reliance on someone
  14. Due to self-doubting nature of a person
  15. Due to losing respect, name, status, and fame in society

Treatment of Depression

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Treatment of every illness is to remove all possible causes whether they are mental, physical, psychological or social. Depression caused due to genetics reasons can be cured by medicines but it is highly advisable to consult a doctor or medical professional before assuming the cause and treatment of depression. Here I am providing simple treatments for depression that are more and more psychological in nature:

  1. Losing a Job is not an uncommon phenomenon nowadays. Accept this reality at the beginning itself and develop skills for future prospects. It is an opportunity if you are pre-prepared for this. Even if you are not prepared, no need to worry, be positive. You have tremendous hidden skills and talent inherited that need to be explored and put into reality. Always remember-What you want, you will get with a positive attitude.
  2. Relations are made by mutual consent to respect, co-operate and dreaming a bright future with togetherness. Break-up happens only due to diverse interests and intentions. One can not go long with poorly bound, purposeful, mal-intentioned built relations. Break-up is a hint that matching relations are still abundant that need to be explored.
  3. Failure is one of the major causes of depression. But we can deal with it by molding our attitude. Failure always comes with lots of opportunities to test your patience and approach. Greet the failure, keep smiling and fight until you win.

Treatment of other types of depression can be cured by removing the immediate cause of depression and taking a fresh start. Avoid living in isolation and dark. Develop any skill or habit that was never before with you. Keep yourself busy with friends, family, and colleagues. Do not over involve, over-rely on social media. Keep believing the process and people. They are assets in your life, learn to manage them and acquire the abilities other people have that you like most. Keep smiling, play with kids, connect with new people and improve social gathering. All the above activities will definitely take you out of depression.

One final say to you, Believe in yourself and your abilities. Things are waiting for you to act to poping out wonders that were never before and you never expected.

All the very best!

Ashutosh Aditya

Hi, I am Ashutosh Aditya. I am a mechanical engineer by profession and blogger by passion. I have a total work experience of more than 15 years in the field of automobile, defence manufacturing and petroleum sector. I love to write about technical, behavioral and phycological components for employees and their workplace.

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