How to get rid of palmetto bugs in your house- 3 Natural and Quick Ways

The most commonly found insect when the weather gets cooler, is the American cockroach which is famously called Palmetto Bugs.

Palmetto Bug Size of around 1.5- 2 inches, can be the cause of stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea among many other digestive diseases. You can find these water bugs or flying water bugs on food, kitchen counters and clean dishes. 

Now that you know what these cream-colored reddish-brown insects with brown wings are capable of, you must be wondering how to get rid of the palmetto bugs in your house.

So here you go! 

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What is a palmetto bug and how to get rid of it

As we discussed, palmetto bug is another name for a cockroach. There are dozens of cockroach species and they all can carry diseases and bacteria. They can multiply quickly and contaminate your food supply. 

What is palmetto bug size – is it hard to get rid of them?

They are not very difficult to get rid of. Their size may be two to three times larger than other tiny species of cockroaches. Generally they are two to three inches long.

They only require shreds of persistence and patience. The rest is taken care of by non chemical and chemical products or methods.

Out of all the methods, the one with the combination of water and soap works well and is the best palmetto bug killer.

Do palmetto bugs fly- What attracts them?

Palmetto bug fly toward porch lights since these are drawn to light and go in search to feed on some other insects. So, you may as well use them as bait. They can also sustain without food and water for long periods which usually last around one month and three months respectively. 

Now you can understand why it is important to get rid of these insects. The sooner you get rid of bugs the better it is for your health. This is where the use of the best palmetto bug killer comes in handy.

Don’t you think it is helpful for us to know what attracts them so as to answer your question to get rid of these bugs?

This aids in stopping any future infestations. 

Even though they can go for months without food and water, it can help you to lure them into a trap. Providing access to water and food supplies, there is a high probability to attract it. Higher the presence of leaky faucets or pipes in the house, higher is the occurrence of infestation.

Pet food could be left as bait and it would be the best palmetto bug killer. You can use any of the food waste to attract, including stacks of recyclables, clutter piles and dirty clothes. 

Most of the time, palmetto bugs use holes and cracks for the entry and exit. So make sure you don’t have any of them and if found, then make repairs as swiftly as possible. Seeing cabinets, window frames and door frames would also be an effective measure to avoid these bugs.

What scent keeps palmetto bugs away?

The best palmetto bug killer is the use of scents, especially peppermint essential oil. All you need to do is add 20 drops of this oil in a water bottle. It would be preferable if it is a spray bottle. Use this in the areas that doubt roaches can be found. This scent will lure them out of their hiding.

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How to get rid of palmetto bugs naturally?

The catnip: 

A plant which is vitally used in the medicine field. This can also be used for decorations. Nevertheless, use of this insecticide could be helpful in fighting the palmetto bugs.

When palmetto bug sense these catnip branches or laurel leaves, they cannot dare to enter the premises of the house. They should preferably be scattered around the house to keep these pets away.

The laurel:

This particular scent of laurel leaves is the death of palmetto bugs. When they sense the scent, they’ll not be pleased by it.

This is not only in the case of these bugs but also mosquitoes. This fragrant shrub by far would be very unpleasant for a palmetto bug and using this would be recommended. 

Mint plant: 

This plant carries a strong pungent odor which crumbles the palmetto bug’s delicate sense of smell. This is why mint is a good repellent. This would also shatter the senses of animals like rats and mice. These don’t necessarily have to be in plant form. They can be oil or lozenge or in any other form.

Now that we have got an understanding of this insect, let’s see how to get rid of such bugs permanently.

Best palmetto bug killer to be used 

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  • Insecticides, Boric acid, Diatomaceous, Water and Detergent. 
  • Detect areas where the roaches may be hiding. Allow portions of your home to remain dark for a while, then flip on the light and observe where the roaches hide.
  • Focus your insecticides on the roaches’ hiding places. Dusts and chemical sprays can both be effective.
  • Ensure that the product you selected is labeled for cockroaches. Read the instructions carefully for the safety precautions and apply the insecticide to the area of infestation. Insecticides are typically not intended to treat vast areas, such as an entire flog.
  • So do not use them in food areas or where your children or pets could be exposed.
  • These bugs like to scurry along high places. Never apply boric acid in a place where children or pets may be exposed since it is toxic.
  • Use nontoxic solutions if you cannot ensure that your children or pets will not be exposed to insecticides and other toxins.
  • Spread diatomaceous earth in places where these bugs are found. This will kill the roaches within a couple of days. The website EarthEasy warns that you may see more cockroaches right after the application,  as they will search more aggressively for water.
  • Fill the spray bottle nearly all the way full with water, then add dish detergent. Screw the top of the bottle and shake it up. Spray the solution directly on any palmetto bug you come across in the house. It will kill them.


What smell do palmetto bugs hate?

Mint has a pungent odor which is toxic to many insects. Thus the use of this will remove the musty odor these insects leave behind and as well make them unpleasant. 

What does a palmetto bug nest look like?

Palmetto bug nest does not look like anything consisting of twigs and grass which make up a tightly wound basket. That is the general image of a nest we have coming from the viewpoints of a bird’s nest.
Cockroaches build their nest in places where there are large quantities of food and water. They hide them from sunlight and it is called colony hotspot.

Does baking soda kill palmetto bugs?

Baking Soda does not result in the death of such bugs so it is not the best palmetto bug killer.
If you have no other option than to use baking soda, then it is advised to not go for it directly since these insects hate baking soda. This would result in them scurrying away. So instead of using it directly, mix other ingredients. 

How to get rid of palmetto bug outside?

These bugs are mostly found around moist and humid areas. They hide in the kitchen counters,  dishwashers, bathrooms, crawl spaces, attics and under refrigerators.
If you want to get rid of them outside then you will find them in leaf litter, around septic tanks, mulched gardens, trees and trash bins. So it is advised to keep these areas clean which would eventually be free of these insects.

How to get rid of palmetto bugs reddit?

The use of Harris Roach tablets: 
A Reddit user @enigmanaught shared, “So I tried this years ago and it worked pretty well, it lasted about 2-3 years. Place the bait or tablets in places roaches like. Under sinks, fridges, behind toilets, dishwashers, gaps in woodwork etc. I saw quite a few dead ones 2-3 weeks after application. Then basically none. 
I’m using the Harris tablets now because they’re easier, and I’ve seen 1 roach in the last


You can observe that palmetto bug’s nests are made up of materials which are similar to that of rats or mice. So, use palmetto bugs vinegar which is white vinegar and water.

If you have a cockroach infestation, you have several options for getting rid of it. You may use harsh chemicals or nontoxic solutions. Cockroaches need water supply, so eliminate all sources of standing water such as water in sinks and the bathtub.

The garbage must be emptied as frequently as possible to remove all crumbs and similar debris. Now, you have learnt how to get rid of Palmetto Bugs in your house.

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