How to be innovative : 12 effective ways!


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How to be innovative

Curiosity is the first thing that triggers human mind to innovate. When people get bored with routine life, they start thinking new ways to deal the life and actions. This boredom often causes people to invent new ideas and end up with great innovation for self and society. Here are few ideas on how to be innovative at work and life.

1. Exist in the realm of possibility

Every problem has a plethora of potential solutions. Be confident that you and your team can discover a more efficient method to do everything they set their minds to.

2. Always ponder what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Our jobs and initiatives are often not oriented towards achieving our life’s objectives and purpose. Be sure that everything you do is consistent with your objectives and generates the desired results.

3. To innovate, you must challenge long-held ideas.

Simply because something has been done in a particular manner for a long period of time does not guarantee it is still the best method. It is vital to acquire new skills; you must be adaptable and receptive to new opportunities. This suggestion equates to sheer ingenuity.

4. Refuse to accept the initial solution.

Each problem has several different possible solutions. The majority of individuals choose the first option that appears to be the most appropriate and overlook the importance of deliberating a little longer and coming up with more effective and elegant alternatives.

5. Read and develop your ability to innovate

The more you learn about something, the more you become aware of how much you still don’t know. By expanding your knowledge base, you discover a growing number of relationships. And it is via associations that apparently magical things occur and where you may be inventive.

Knowledge is necessary and unending. If you remain prepared, you will be able to keep up with everything going on around you; if you do not, you risk being left behind.

6. Innovation and enjoyment go side by side

It’s a lot of fun to come up with new ways through innovation to accomplish things faster, easier, with fewer resources, and better. And activities that are enjoyable are accomplished with greater zeal.

Plan sessions dedicated to idea generation, or what the English word “brainstorming” denotes. Meet your work group and debate over a project.

7. Network with professionals from a variety of industries

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By venturing beyond your comfortable region, you open the door to new and varied points of view that you may utilize to your benefit.

Do not confine yourself to your own area; broaden your horizons and become acquainted with various things and ways of functioning; you can learn a great deal. This tip is critical for innovation.

8. Inspire your group to dig deeper

Allow neither you nor your team to hastily conclude that something cannot be done. Encourage them to seek answers and compile a note of all the ideas that spring to mind; when they are studied slowly, they will see that each one contains something worthwhile.

9. To be inventive, let yourself time to unwind and do nothing.

When we are continually occupied with tasks, we do not cultivate an environment conducive to the growth of new ideas. To be inventive, it is vital to relax and let go, to mentally withdraw from the issue, even though our intellect continues to work on it.

By letting go, we allow our brain the space and time it needs to process the new information. This suggestion may sound counterintuitive, yet it appears to be necessary.

10. Assign responsibilities to your unconscious mind

Provide your mind with something to ponder as you sleep. Before you go to sleep, choose an issue to fix, a process to improve, or a new product to build and then forget about it. Your unconscious will continue to operate throughout the night, and the following day, you will have excellent ideas.

11. Remain informed

Being more inventive is a question of attitude, so begin by changing yours somewhat and developing routines that keep you informed about developments in your field of expertise. Encourage the habit of studying, reading, learning, and pondering; this will stimulate your creativity and give your inventive spirit wings.

12. Don’t stand still.

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While becoming still in the face of a choice or a problem is natural, do an exercise and establish a goal to avoid becoming still in this difficult scenario.

Having to solve the problem brings out your most inventive side, helps you overcome fear, and teaches you that sometimes the solutions are found in unexpected places.

13. Insatiable curiosity in everything

They say curiosity killed the cat, but for the really innovative, curiosity will always propel you forward. And it is that asking why about everything, figuring out why problems emerge, and constantly wanting to learn more are all skills and methods that can help you become a more inventive professional.

14. Say goodbye to your fears

Another critical component of becoming more inventive is learning to overcome fear-based restraints and limitations. When making a choice, try to avoid negative thoughts, remove your black hat when brainstorming, and remember that when lateral thinking is activated, no idea is terrible.

Eliminating fear from your creative processes can enable you to be more imaginative and creative, as well as think more freely and create better answers.

15. Keep a distance

To be a more inventive person, it is critical to understand how to give space to problems and decisions. Distancing yourself from the problem allows you to perceive it more broadly, it forces you to investigate previously unconsidered possibilities, and it creates new scenarios in which your creativity might develop.

16. Commit yourself to observation.

Every great innovator is also an excellent observer. Therefore, be aware of your surroundings, concentrate on the details, pay attention to the innovation processes occurring around you, and examine everything attentively. This can help you focus and see details that may have gone missed previously.

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